Dexter Season 7, Episode 11: A Look At Do You See What I See?

Dexter may be in a bit of trouble. That's probably putting it mildly. And while trouble is nothing the serial killer isn't already used to, this is the kind of trouble that could be life-altering if he doesn't get a handle on it. From the promo for "Do You See What I See," it looks like he has a plan. And he's not the only one possibly scheming! Spoilers if you haven't gotten caught up on Dexter Season 7 ("The Dark… Whatever")!

All season, we've seen LaGuerta pursuing the Bay Harbor Butcher, determined to clear Doakes' name. And it's lead her to suspect Dexter. It's not just a hunch either. In the last couple of episodes, we've watched her continue to put the pieces together and now she seems almost certain that Dexter's the guy. The promo for next Sunday's episode shows Tom sitting down with Dexter to tell him of LaGuerta's concerns.

Wow, they're really dredging up the past this season, between Doakes' death and the events surrounding Dexter's mother's murder. On the bright side, at least Dexter will know that LaGuerta is on to him. But is it too late for him to do anything about it? And on that note, is it really bad news for LaGuerta that Dexter suddenly seems flexible when it comes to his code?

In other news, is Hannah taking a shot at Deb? And if she has decided to target Deb, which wouldn't be surprising given Hannah's preference for murdering people who pose a threat to her, will Dexter see it and which side will he choose?

Dexter airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime. Read our full breakdown of last night's "The Dark… Whatever" here.

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