If you have been waiting impatiently for word on the return of Dexter, your countdown date has been set. Everyone’s favorite serial killer will return to Showtime in a little more than 6 months with a new season that is expected to continue the series’ tradition of big plot twists and of course, plenty of bad-guy hacking action. And Showtime as keeping Homeland in the same time slot too.

News hit the Dexter and Showtime Facebook pages this morning that the series has been given a premiere date for Season 7. The new season starts September 30th, 2012 at 9 pm ET/PT on Showtime. It’s not that long a wait when you consider how long Mad Men fans have been biding their time waiting for the fourth season – and by the way, it’s only a matter of days now until the March 25th premiere for that series. Showtime also announced that Homeland Season 2 will premiere right after Dexter, keeping a popular pairing together.

As for Dexter, fans have been waiting to find out what happens after last season’s shocking ending that managed to rival the finale of the fourth season. Showrunner David Nevins has dropped a few hints as to what is coming up for Dexter and his sister Deb, and there’s even been hints that only one more season will follow on this one, making a total of eight for the series. How is Deb going to proceed with her newly discovered knowledge – and feelings? Who is up next for the kill room? Hang in there Dexter fans, the countdown is on to the 30th of September, when I am sure all will unravel in ways we haven’t even imagined yet.

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