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The seventh season of Dexter is premiering on Showtime right now. But those who don't have access to the pay-cable network don't have to go without. Showtime was generous enough to put the full episode ("Are you…?") online. Check it out ahead!

We'll weigh in with our thoughts on the season premiere in a little bit. In the meantime, the video below includes a quick recap of what you need to know (or be reminded of) before going into the Season 7 premiere, including the sixth season finale's shocking cliffhanger: Deb sees Dexter killing Travis! What happens next? Find out below!

And once again, we're left with another jaw-dropper of a final moment. There's no stuffing that cat back into the bag (or air conditioner as it were).

Keep an eye out for our full breakdown of the season premiere. In the meantime, here's our review of the first three episodes (Minimal spoilers mentioned).

UPDATE: Read our breakdown and discuss the episode here.

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