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Dexter Season 8 And Ray Donovan Get A New Trailer For Summer Premiere

With the announcement that Showtime was bringing Dexter back for its eighth season comes a new teaser for the serial killer drama. It comes paired with a new trailer for Showtime's new drama Ray Donovan, which is fitting considering the two series will be paired up this June when Dexter returns and Ray Donovan premieres.

Executive produced by Bryan Zuriff, Mark Gordon and Ann Biderman, Ray Donovan stars Live Schreiber as the title character, a guy who fixes rich people's problems. As it turns out, he has problems of his own, including his father Mickey (Jon Voigt) being released from prison. The teaser below gives us a look at the series, which premieres Sunday, June 30 with the premiere of Dexter.

Of course, it's too soon for a peek at Dexter Season 8, but the teaser for the show's early return does a nice job of reminding us of some of the major developments that transpired at the end of Season 7. And it doesn't actually spoil the biggest twists, for those who haven't gotten caught up on Season 7 just yet. Hopefully we'll see some actual footage from the new season in the coming months.

Between the return of Dexter and the premiere of the intense looking drama Ray Donovan, Showtime subscribers have a lot to look forward to this year.