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Dick Wolf's Chicago Fire Gets Order For Five More Scripts From NBC

NBC doesn’t seem ready to commit to extra episodes of Chicago Fire, yet. On the bright side, the network doesn’t look ready to axe the show, either. On Thursday, NBC announced it had given the freshman drama an order for five more scripts to be written for the show.

Dick Wolf’s highly anticipated Chicago Fire hasn’t been doing all that well in the ratings since it premiered on October 10. During its first week, the firefighter-oriented drama was beat by the musical-based series Nashville, and it’s second episode saw ratings drop. However, according to Deadline, this week’s ratings were up 20%. While Chicago Fire may have been greatly influenced by a special lead in episode from another Dick Wolf program--Law and Order: SVU’s hit its 300th episode milestone on Wednesday-- it’s still a step in a positive direction for the firefighter show. If Chicago Fire can even hold half of that 20% gain next week, things will be looking even more up.

The five-script order should also cement NBC’s faith in the show a little further. Five scripts is the same order NBC gave Guys with Kids just a couple of days ago, and it’s a better order than the network even gave to The Neighbors. The show isn’t over the hump yet, but fans should be pleased as punch that Chicago Fire is at least moving in a positive direction.

NBC’s Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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