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We have a peek at what might be Doctor Who's most exciting Christmas special since A Christmas Carol. As you'll see in the clip below, an old friend is coming back into the fold yet again.

Thanks to to the clip, which premiered during BBC Children in Need’s Appeal Night, we've got confirmation that Clara WILL be home for Christmas. On top of that, it looks like Santa is the man to bring Clara and The Doctor back together, and once more we see TARDIS imagery at work with the skylight looking like a console. It has to be said that Nick Frost not only looks the part for Santa, but he also puts a cool new spin on the persona. You can see a little bit of Edgar Wright style madness in his sassing of Clara. Also, a really fun piece of trivia: the elf on the right is played by Dan Starkey – Strax himself! Though truthfully, that would have been an awesome role for Simon Pegg to have returned to the show with, but in all fairness Starkey does a really good job of channeling similar energy in his own trademark way.

Now it's no terrible surprise that Clara is back for Christmas seeing as they've sworn up and down that she'd be back for the holiday special. Also, Santa pretty much echoed some fans' concerns that the story of the Impossible Girl shouldn't end on such a downbeat, open ended note. However, there is always the possibility that Clara will be leaving for good after the Christmas Special. Remember, they've confirmed her up until the Christmas Special, but no word has been given after that point. Even if there was, we are dealing with a franchise that lied and told us Matt Smith wouldn't be leaving last February, only to tell us a different story months later.

One last thing about this clip that stands out is Santa and The Doctor's rather prickly history. Seeing as The Doctor himself once hinted to Rose Tyler that he was Santa himself. Skip to 1:27 to relive that moment in the video below.

Given that The Doctor does like to lie, but didn't exactly say he was Father Christmas, there's three possibilities: either The Doctor is Santa, The Doctor knows Santa well enough to not like him, or Santa is a Time Lord and The Doctor knows him from Gallifrey. Considering the fan base kinda sorta got its wish of Mary Poppins as a Time Lady this past season, it wouldn't be a surprise that Steven Moffat is playing the Santa Claus card for Christmas this year. This Christmas looks more and more promising as the days go on!

The Doctor Who Christmas Special will air on Christmas Night, at presumably 8 or 9 PM EST, on BBC America. Be prepared for extended episodely goodness! If you'd like to donate to Children In Need, click here to jump to the official website.

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