It's a good week to be a Doctor Who fan. Not only were we treated to a trailer for the second half of the seventh season, but today we have a look at the two collectible Doctor Who covers for the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly. Both feature the series' (current) star Matt Smith, posing with different characters. Fans will have to decide if they prefer the Cybermen or the Daleks? Or you could just pick up a copy of each version!

Doctor Who turns fifty this year, and the event isn't going uncelebrated, as you can see by EW's special issue, which seems more timed for the show's return for the second half of Season 7 than the planned 50th Anniversary special, which is expected to arrive this fall. That's Smith with a Cyberman in above cover, and EW has also shared the other one, which shows the Doctor with his new companion Clara, along with the Dalek and the iconic Tardis.

EW promises a breakdown of all 11 Doctors in their issue, along with an essay by Peter Jackson about his Who-love, and the cover story, which is an interview with Doctor Who executive producers Steven Moffat to talk about the show and the upcoming 50th Anniversary Special. Suffice to say, fans will want to grab a copy (or two) of this issue.

As the top of the cover indicates, there's also some updates on Arrow and the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign.

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