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Doctor Who Season 10 Is Bringing A Major Character Back

Doctor Who fans don’t have a whole lot to cheer about in 2016, as the entire year will pass us by without the TARDIS skipping through the timeline. Thankfully, pieces of Season 10 are slowly coming together, and one fan favorite character will definitely be back to give the good Doctor a bit of mental haranguing when the show returns: Missy.


Actress Michelle Gomez actually dropped the news herself at this weekend’s MegaCon in Orlando, confirming that she would definitely be bringing Missy back into the Doctor’s life for Season 10, according to Doctor Who News. And it doesn’t appear that she was in character while making the admission, so we don’t have to worry about this being a trick of some kind that she’s playing on humanity. Or do we?

The latest incarnation of the Doctor’s arch nemesis The Master, Missy first appeared in “Deep Breath,” after already being introduced by name in a previous episode. She is more of a trickster than earlier Masters when it comes to playing mind games with the Doctor, and has appeared in a handful of episodes since her introduction. She was last seen in Season 9’s “The Witch’s Familiar,” where she was left on Skaro amidst a huge group of Daleks, remarking on a clever idea she’d just had. Was that idea to show up in Season 10? It fits.

Relive Michelle Gomez’s bewitching debut on as the wily Missy below, featuring quite the lip-lock for our doting hero.

Gomez, who also voiced Missy in the Lego Dimensions video game, is a welcome presence on our TVs at any point. Last year, she appeared on several episodes of HBO’s short-lived comedy The Brink, and also popped by Gotham in Season 2 as a mysterious (and dashing) character named The Lady. We’re certainly hoping to see her in more things before she reappears on Doctor Who next year.

We assume that Gomez and star Peter Capaldi won’t be the only familiar faces when Doctor Who Season 10 gets here, but we definitely know of one new character we’ll get to know. New companion Pearl Mackie will make her debut as the Doctor’s right hand lady, and their relationship will likely see some ebbs and flows as they get to know each other, particularly if he keeps bringing up his ex-companion Clara.

Debuting at some point in 2017 on BBC America here in the States, Doctor Who Season 10 will also be the last year that showrunner Steven Moffat will be handling those duties, so here’s hoping he doesn’t decide that killing off Missy will be his swan song twist.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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