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The new Doctor Who lands this August! Or so says the new teaser that BBC America has released, giving fans of the series a silhouetted glimpse of Peter Capaldi's Doctor, reminding fans that the seventh season of Doctor Who closed out with a Christmas Special ("The Time of the Doctor"), that saw the exit of the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, and the arrival of the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi)...

Peter Capaldi

The teaser for Doctor Who's anticipated eighth season was posted on the series' official Twitter, which UK fans to BBC's site. But as Variety points out, BBC America also released the same teaser, which indicates an August premiere. Though neither BBC nor BBC America's teasers say exactly when in August Doctor Who will arrive, it looks like series will be returning in August on both sides of the pond:


Whether the season premiere will be the same day for BBC and BBC America, we won't know until the actual dates are announced for BBC and BBC America, but if there is a wait for the series' return Stateside, it evidently won't be that long. August isn't much of a wait from now, but given that the new season will allow fans to get to know a brand new Doctor, it's likely that the fandom is anxious for the series to get back on the air. All in good Time(lord). And we'll be sure to keep you posted on the official date(s) once that news is announced.

We've had a couple of interesting Doctor Who updates since last December's Christmas special, including a glimpse of Capaldi on set, and reports of the anticipated arrival of Samuel Anderson's character, Danny Pink. And a villain named Ms. Delphox, played by Keeley Hawes. So there's that to look forward to as well. While we're still waiting for episode titles for the upcoming eighth season of Doctor Who, we do know that Steven Moffat will be penning the first episode of the new season, which will be directed by Ben Wheatley.