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In less than a week, the second season of Downton Abbey will premiere on PBS. If you’re eagerly awaiting the series’ return, we have a teaser to show you along with some information on how you can get an even better look at what’s ahead for the British period drama.

Downton Abbey is a British drama that follows the lives of the residents and servants of a fictional estate during the earlier part of the twentieth century. Season 2 already aired last fall in the U.K.. Those of us on this side of the pond have had to wait for the show’s PBS airing over here. That takes place this Sunday night (January 8th). Season 2 picks up in November of 1916 with World War I affecting the lives of the staff and residents of the Abbey. Below is the teaser for the PBS Masterpiece premiere and, for those of you who want to see even more from the series, check out the Downton Abbey Facebook page and “Like” to view the nearly-ten minute preview for Season 2.

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