Duck Dynasty: Season 2 Volume 1 Is Coming To DVD

I’m not really sure what makes A&E’s Duck Dynasty so compelling. Is it the rags to riches story? The absurdity that duck calls could bring in so much wealth? The ridiculous costumes and beards the Robertson family chooses? Whatever the reason, Duck Dynasty brings really nice ratings to the table, and fans can choose to bring Season 2 episodes into their own homes starting on March 5.

Duck Dynasty Season 2: Volume 1 will be hitting DVD in a 13-episode set that will relive some of the greatest moments in Season 2. The big episode A&E is noting will be available is the season finale, which earned a whopping 6.5 million total viewers when it initially aired, breaking network records in the 18-49 demographic and in total viewers.

Duck Dynasty follows the Robertson family as the multimillionaire crew works hard at Duck Commander creating duck calls for buyers, but also try to stay loyal to their Southern upbringing and maintain good family dynamics. If you would like to get your hands on Season 2 of A&E’s popular reality series, you will get some bonus footage as part of the 2-disc set, as well, aptly going with the title “Footage Never-Before-Seen on TV.” That really gives us no hints as to how much extra footage will be available, but if you really like the show it may be enough to pick this one up. If it's not enough to earn a purchase, I can guarantee you’ll be able to catch Duck Dynasty in reruns.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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