Kenny Powers' return was inevitable. After his siesta in the Mexican Minor Leagues, regaining his confidence and winning the hearts and minds of, well, Stevie, the star pitcher returns to play ball in the land where they call it their national pastime. Yes. The United States of America. And on HBO. And now we finally have a firm-ish date for the start of the third season, not to mention a look at his new ball club.

From a twitter account that is not affiliated with HBO or Eastbound and Down, @KFUCKINGP, comes a snapshot of what looks like an upcoming trailer for the third season. The account Tweeted this picture a few days back, which gives January 2012 as the premiere date for Season 3.

Narrowing that down, it won't be right after the holidays, and since other series that premiered in January on the network (like Flight of the Conchords Season 2 on January 18th), the middle of the month seems likely. And it airs on Sundays, so the 15 or 22 we'll be seeing our man Kenny back on the mound.

Of course, that is if this twitter account is to be believed but this screenshot does look legit plus they've tweeted other stuff like the logo for his new team, the Myrtle Beach Mermen (same logo on his jersey in the picture), so I'd say they're probably reliable over at Million Dollar Deal$ and this is just the beginning of the promos for the upcoming season. We already reported that SNL's Jason Sudeikis was joining the cast as a buddy of Kenny's plus Mad TV's Ike Barinholtz as a star Russian pitcher named Ivan, both of which sound great. Sudeikis to get debauched with Powers and the Russian to flare up his competitive [read: dickish] side. Should be a lot of fun, hopefully a trailer isn't too far behind.

Eastbound and Down was created by McBride, Jody Hill, and Ben Best (who plays the coked-out bartender, Clegg). Season 3 will apparently start in January 2012 on HBO, Sundays at 10:30 p.m. KFP.

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