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Ed Helms-Starring Drama One Percent Gets Series Order From Starz

One of the most exciting filmmakers working today is writer/director Alejandro González Iñárritu, who gripped the world with his powerful debut Amores Perros and has yet to create anything that can be described as easy or predictable. Iñárritu is heading into series television for the first time with the upcoming drama One Percent, and Starz has officially stepped in and ordered a full ten-episode season, bypassing the pilot stage completely. Get ready for more Ed Helms in your life.

Helms is playing Alfred Murphy, a farmer who is struggling within the world of organic produce. He and his wife Laura, to be played by Hilary Swank, are struggling to keep their farm out of financial disaster. Along comes a strange twist of fate that just might make it possible for everything to be okay; or it might all get much worse, because that’s just how fate rolls. According to THR, Ed Harris is set to play Laura’s father, Nathaniel Cobb, who rules Alfred’s roost as well in some ways. Throughout his career, Iñárritu has culled together some of the most impressive casts conceivable, so we can probably expect a few more familiar faces to join this not-quite-exciting-sounding series before it heads into production.

A straight-to-series order is precisely what One Percent’s production company Media Rights Capital was looking for when they started shopping it around. The studio, which is also behind Netflix’s House of Cards, previously worked with Iñárritu on his 2006 drama Babel, for which he and the film were nominated for Academy Awards. MRC recently hooked up with Starz for the upcoming Patrick Stewart comedy Blunt Talk from Seth MacFarlane and Jonathan Ames. Starz ordered two seasons of that series right from the start, so it’s obvious the network is willing to put in the commitment when they believe the product is worth it.

Iñárritu created One Percent with his frequent collaborators Alexander Dinelaris Jr., Nicolas Giacobone and Armando Bo, with whom he also worked on his upcoming film Birdman, which looks like one of the craziest movies hitting theaters this year. Check out the trailer for this fantastical comedy drama, which comes out on October 17.

Starz has really been upping its game in the original programming department, with Power and the recently premiered Outlander leading the way through the summer season. This fall will see the premiere of the LeBron James-produced comedy Survivor’s Remorse and the filmmaking reality competition The Chair. The network also has the ballet-centered drama Flesh and Bone in the pipeline for next year, and they’re currently developing an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s stellar novel American Gods.

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