Edward James Olmos Joins Dexter, Role May Hint At Season 6 Plot

There’s another fantastic cast addition to Season 6 of Dexter. Edward James Olmos (aka Bill Adama to Battlestar Galactica fans) has signed on to join the series. There’s also an interesting bit of information about his role that actually fits one of the theories I have about the "theme" of this season.

According to Deadline, Olmos has signed on for a “major season-long arc” in the popular Showtime series. This news follows the additions of Colin Hanks and Mos (formerly Mos Def) to the show’s cast. Dexter goes into production later this week and is expected to air this fall, which seems like an eternity away right now.

Deadline posts that Olmos will play a professor of religious studies. Earlier this month when the Season 6 teaser was made available, the words “Hell breaks loose” prompted me to consider that Season 6 may have a religious theme to it. Olmos' vague character description suggests that religion will play some role in the series, which is definitely interesting as it’s not a subject that’s really been explored all that much in the show. Considering Dexter follows a serial killer with a “code,” I’m curious to know what Dexter’s take on religion is and how it might factor into the story.

It will also be interesting to see what kind of character Olmos is taking on, here. Olmos played the trusted, usually moral William Adama on Syfy's Battlestar Galactica. After that, it's kind of hard to picture him in any kind of major dark (or evil) role.

So kill we all?

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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