Tom Hanks may be one of the biggest movie stars on the planet but the actor is certainly no stranger when it comes to TV series. The two-time Academy Award winner got his big break on the small-screen with Bosom Buddies. Since then, Hanks has been sure to keep busy by producing an Emmy and/or Golden Globe winning series every couple of years - including From The Earth To The Moon, Band of Brothers, John Adams and The Pacific - but his upcoming TV projects seem to suggest a bit of a different direction, namely, away from historical dramas and into some genre fiction.

So the superstar still has another historical drama in development with K Blows Top (a mini-series focused on Nikkita Khrushchev's visit to the USA in 1959, with Paul Giammatti in talks to star) but his other two are definitely a change of pace. One is a highly anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman's fantasy novel "American Gods" and the other finds Hanks producing an animated series for distribution on the web. Hanks wrote, and will star in, the upcoming sci-fi series Electric City set to air exclusively on Yahoo! later this month. Here's the first teaser...

Well, they know how to sell the show to me with "Camera Obscura" being on the first visual cues in the teaser trailer. The term comes from the Latin for 'dark chamber' but, in this instance, it may be a reference to the cultural text by Roland Barthes. Electric City is already getting my philosophical gears turning plus the noirish undertones and old-school animation also put this pretty high on my must-see list. The futuristic tale seems similar to many other dystopian texts ("1984" the obvious comparison) where the last bastion of hope, Electric City, "a symbol of peace and security," isn't as it seems. Mystery, danger, violence, science-fiction... What more could you want?

Electric City is set to feature 20 episodes running between five and seven minutes, with the first ten premiering on Yahoo! on Tuesday, July 17 with the remaining spread out over the next two days, Wednesday the 18 and Thursday the 19. There will also be a single, full version available sometime in the future. Electric City was created by and stars (the voice of) Tom Hanks. Joining him on the mic are Jeanne Tripplehorn, Holland Taylor, Ginnifer Goodwin, Paul Scheer, Chris Parnell and June Diane.

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