Elf Is Getting A TV Special, Here's Who Is Involved

Get out your syrup. Tap into your childhood beliefs and get ready to sing your heart out. One of the best Christmas movies ever made is getting its own splashy stop motion television special! That’s right. Elf, or more specifically, Buddy The Elf, is back for another adventure.

The project, entitled Elf Buddy’s Musical Christmas, will air on NBC on Tuesday December 16 at 8 PM. The basic premise will follow the same trajectory as the movie. Buddy will leave the North Pole to find his father in New York City. Shenanigans will ensue. What’s unclear, however, is if the individual shenanigans will be the same as the ones we saw in the 2003 movie.

Like eating every piece of gum within eyesight…

Or not having any idea how elevators work…

Elf Buddy’s Musical Christmas will include a different voicecast than the original movie. Lead character Buddy will be played by Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory. In addition, he’ll be joined by Mark Hamill, Ed Asner, Fred Armisen, Jay Leno, Matt Lauer, Gilbert Gottfried, Kate Micucci, Rachael MacFarlane, Max Charles and Steve Higgins. Steve Higgins. Steve Higgins. Why does that name seem familiar? Oh yeah, Jimmy Fallon’s announcer…

Elf is a holiday classic. It’s one of those rare movies that works just as well for adults as it does for children. It has a brash silliness to it and a wonderful heart. If it’s going to be adapted, it deserves nothing but the best. Obviously, we have no way of knowing how it will turn out now, but it is reassuring to see how many famous faces have jumped on board already. Hopefully they’re involved because they saw something in the script and not just because it’s a nice paycheck.

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Mack Rawden
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