Kirstie Alley’s TV Land pilot, Giant Baby is coming together pretty quickly. After Alley announced she would star in the pilot in September, other casting has gone underway quickly. Rhea Pearlman recently joined the series, and now theater actor Eric Petersen has joined the cast.

The Giant Baby pilot will follow Alley as Maddie Banks, a Broadway star who gave up her son for adoption a long time ago. According to Deadline, in the pilot, Petersen will play Arlo, Maddie’s son, who shows up hoping to become part of his birth mother’s life after his adopted mother dies. It will be up to Pearlman’s character to encourage the connection.

Since Hot in Cleveland became a mainstay on the network, TV Land has been really working hard to move into more original programming. Besides Giant Baby, TV Land also has a couple of other pilots in the works, including I’m Not Dead Yet and Brothers-in-Laws. While the latter two pilots have been in development since May, the bad news is Giant Baby is being thrown together a lot more quickly. The good news is that the network seems intent on putting the pilot together adeptly, and has gotten the casting together in a little over a month. I can’t tell you how Petersen will do on television, but Giant Baby has a pretty good chance of making it past the pilot stage. TV Blend will keep you posted when the network comes to a decision.

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