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If you’ve seen the recently released Community trailer, then you already know the big spoiler for Season 3. And by that, I am of course returning to Dean Pelton’s exciting new facial hair situation. While Pelton substantially increased the amount of hair he’s sporting above the neck, NBC has doubled the size of the last trailer with this new one.

What do John Goodman, singing & dancing, and an impressive goatee have in common? They’re all set to be featured at some point on Community. NBC recently released a 30 second trailer featuring guest star John Goodman and some other glimpses of Season 3.

Goodman will apparently be playing the Vice Dean of another school. NBC released a shorter video previous, which includes Goodman showing off just how low his voice can go. You’ll see that in the video below, and some other snippets from the new season.

Community returns to NBC on Thursday, September 22nd.

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