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Archer, code name Duchess, is missing... And we're getting a special three episode arc to clear everything up before Season 3 proper begins in the new year. That's right folks, the people over at FX were kind enough to realize that we just can't wait that long for new episodes of the hit, raunchy, animated spy spoof so they decided to throw us a three-episode bone that kicks off this month.

Archer, since its debut two seasons ago, has quickly replaced my usual animated comedy stalwarts as the go to series for raunchy drawn comedy. Don't get me wrong Futurama is still the gold standard of animated TV (and watch out for Allen Gregory coming down the Fox pipeline) but it's nice to know that there's a really competitive alternative to Fox's Animation Domination.

Back to the bone... The three week special, brilliantly titled 'Heart of Archness,' kicks off on September 15th with Part I, which I had the opportunity and pleasure to catch at Comic-Con. I can say this much, it certainly didn't disappoint with all our favorites, including Bionic Barry, making an appearance plus a couple very special guest voices in Patrick Warburton and David Cross. As I said in my Comic-Con review, this means we get an on-screen pairing, and an extended one at that, with two of the best comedic voice actors working today in Warburton and Archer lead H. Jon Benjamin. I can't wait for Part II, you can't wait for Part I.

Archer's 'Heart of Archness' premieres September 15 on FX and run for three weeks as a treat before Season 3 starts again in full in January.