Since playing Anders in Syfy's Battlestar Galactica, Michael Trucco has gone on to appear in a number of TV shows, including V, Castle and Psych, in addition to a single episode of How I Met Your Mother. More recently, he found himself a steady gig on USA's Fairly Legal, playing Sarah Shahi's character Kate Reed's estranged and eventual ex-husband. Now it looks like he'll be making a return to HIMYM, reprising his role as a possible love interest to Robin.

Credited only as "Crush" in the Season 6 episode in which he appeared, Trucco's How I Met Your Mother character was a man Robin kept running into and was crushing on pretty badly. Ted ruined her chances with him when he announced that he (Ted) and Robin were engaged, but the story was left sort of open, as so many stories are on HIMYM, and now it looks like Trucco will be back. According to TV Line, Trucco is set to return to the CBS comedy series for a multi-episode arc in Season 8. The site actually says HIMYM has him for "a chunk of the upcoming Season 8" and goes on to question what this might mean for his role on Fairly Legal. His involvement in the USA series was apparently the reason he wasn't around more in Season 6 of HIMYM.

With the big reveal last season that Robin and Barney would eventually be wed, the likelihood that Trucco's character and Robin will be in it for the long haul don't look good. But as I'm a firm believer that the best of what HIMYM has to offer is in the journey, as opposed to the destination (or how Ted met his kids' mother), it should be very interesting (and hopefully amusing) to see how things go for Robin and Trucco's (hopefully formally named) "Crush."

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