Thanks to Steven Spielberg’s executive producer credit, much was expected of Falling Skies when it premiered on TNT all the way back in June of 2011, but even so, I’m not sure anyone expected the alien invasion fallout drama to be consistently crush every summer. During most weeks, it’s among the most watched shows cable shows on television, and it’s already been renewed for a fourth season.

Here’s the panel’s official description
TNT's Falling Skies, which last year ranked as basic cable's #1 summer drama among young adults, tells the extraordinary story about life and survival in the wake of a catastrophic alien invasion. Stars Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Drew Roy, Collin Cunningham, Sarah Carter, Conner Jessup, and Doug Jones are on hand for a Q&A session, along with executive producers Remi Aubuchon and Greg Beeman. In addition, fans will get to enjoy exclusive, never-before-seen footage from the upcoming third season. Wil Wheaton serves as the moderator.

4:46 PM: And we're off with the most jam-packed panel I've ever seen--not in terms of star power as much as sheer girth. There are ten people on stage plus moderator Wil Wheaton. There's no arm space whatsoever.

4:48 PM: Lots of talk about family dynamics, in this case chosen family dynamics.

4:49 PM: Will Patton thinks his character is capable of having a relationship. He thinks it's gonna take awhile because his heart hardened, but he's ready to dive in and try.

4:52 PM: Moon Bloodgood talks about how bizarre it was being pregnant and having to play a pregnant character on the show. She was so paranoid she would actually go into labor when the fake doctors were shouting at her to push.

4:54 PM: Where the fuck have Anne and Lexi gone off to? They won't say, but the producers do know.

4:57 PM: Remember when I acted like there couldn't possibly be more people on stage? Well, I apparently have bad spacial awareness. Maxim Knight was just brought out from the back to ask about his favorite experiences. He really liked riding horses. So, for the record, there are now twelve people on stage.

4:59 PM: Wil is gushing about Sarah Carter's character Maggie, which shouldn't surprise anyone who has ever seen him on Second Watch.

5:00 PM: Doug Jones, who has played aliens, beings or monsters in movies like Pan's Labyrinth, Fantastic Four and way more, says he had no idea where Cochise would go when he was first hired, but thanks to good writing, he's able to find different mannerisms and behaviors so his performances never bleed into one another.

5:04 PM: And it's clip time. OMG. Things escalate in a hurry and Tom shoots a major character right in the face.

5:10 PM: Wil just made a "please don't stab each other in the eyes with pencils" joke. #BadComicConMemories

5:11 PM: Drew Roy says Hal will grow and become a better person next season after his illness.

5:13 PM: One of the reasons why the new season only got a 10 episode order is because it's so rigorous to shoot. There are hundreds of extras, make-up and giant headaches (and money) to bring it all together.

5:18 PM: Colin Cunningham (Pope) and Noah Wyle (Tom Mason) love working opposite each other. They always try to push scenes as far as possible and push each other as actors to go places that might not be as comfortable.

5:22 PM: The cast members are NOT encouraged to improv. In fact, they get bitched at when they do, but that doesn't stop them from going off script on a pretty regular basis.

5:25 PM: And we're done. Have a nice evening guys.

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