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Recently Family Guy has hit the spotlight with what has become one of its most famous episodes, and it’s one that has never aired. Nor will it as Fox has decided that “Partial Terms of Endearment,” where Lois agrees to be a surrogate for a friend who then dies and leaves the Griffin’s deciding what to do with the baby, is not going to air on the network. The episode will likely appear on the DVD boxset as an extra feature.

Variety is reporting that while Fox has nixed the aired version of the episode, they have greenlit a live table reading with creator Seth MacFarlane and most of the voice cast (excluding Seth Green who is busy with Robot Chicken things).

The event will take place next Wednesday at the Ricardo Montalban Theater in order to support Family Guy’s surprising Emmy nomination in the best comedy category. It’s a little surprising that Fox won’t let the episode air, as I doubt it’s too racy for television. Lois isn’t going to get a back alley abortion with a coat hanger. It’s clearly a sensitive subject, and FG is not known for playing it safe with such taboo storylines. But I can’t see why abortion gets special treatment and racism, genocide, atheism, bestiality, and a talking baby are deemed tame enough for air.