Fans Get Another Season For Human Giant

Its that time of year when shows are getting cancelled left and right. It can make TV viewers feel pretty powerless when a network cancels their favorite show. Last week, MTV put the fate of the comedy show ‘Human Giant,’ in the hands of the fans and it paid off, proving that on MTV, what the people want, the people get (unless they want music videos, in which case they’re probably out of luck).

Rather than just flat-out canceling ‘Human Giant’ or green-lighting the comedy show for a second season, MTV offered them a challenge. They gave the show 24 hours of airtime to show episodes of their choice and allowed them to book bands and bring in celebrity guests during a day-long telethon, which aired last week. Normal telethons raise money for a cause but in this case, the ‘Human Giant’ guys had to get a million hits to their website by noon on May 19th in order for MTV to give them a second season.

‘Human Giant’ rose to the challenge and got 1.2 million hits to the site by the time the telethon ended. ‘Human Giant’ star, Paul Scheer, had this to say to the people who helped them reach their goal:

“The biggest thanks goes to everyone who called, texted, sat by on webcams, and/or just watched the full 24 hours, without them we wouldn't have made it.”

And to those who said it couldn’t be done, Scheer said:

“For all of those people that said we couldn't do it, well they can suck it.”

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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