One of the things we mentioned in our review of FX's Fargo is that Martin Freeman's portrayal of the timid Lester Nygaard is uncomfortable to watch at times. The clip above is a prime example of that, as Lester admits that his wife has soft hands while trying to explain the nature of the relationship she had with the man who beat him up. It's in everything from the way he speaks to the hand gestures he uses as he tries to put a very un-delicate situation as delicately as possible. And it's just kind of sad.

Sad as it is, the video not only sums up who Lester Nygaard is, it also gives viewers a look at his first encounter with Billy Bob Thornton's character Lorne Malvo. As you may have surmised if you're familiar with the Coen Brothers' 1996 film, this series isn't TV adaptation of the movie. Noah Hawley's series features different characters and focuses on a new story, which is set in 2006. But viewers can expect a similar tone, complete with violence and dark humor as Thornton's character Malvo inserts himself into Lester Nygaard's life and turns it upside down.

Get another quick glimpse of Malvo in this great little snippet...

Fargo's great cast is just one thing it has going for it. Bizarrely humorous moments is another. Catch Kate Walsh's character getting up close and personal with Lester in this clip...

Not funny enough? Maybe Key and Peele will do the trick...

Key and Peele as bickering FBI partners? That's reason enough to watch, though we'll have to wait at least a few episodes to catch a glimpse of these guys.

But there's also this clip, which is one of my favorite random scenes in the first four episodes of the series, as it features Allison Tolman's Molly talking about something... horrifying.

Molly's more of a serious character in this story -- if there's a Margie Gunderson in this series, she's it -- but she does steal a few scenes with a bit of dryly humorous moments. The above is a partial example of that, as the rest of the scene at the table is also pretty funny.

We have more positive things to say about Noah Hawley's Fargo, which you can read in the mentioned review. Fargo premieres Tuesday (April 15) at 10:00 p.m. ET on FX.

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