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We’re over here waiting around more impatiently than Herschel for Spaghetti Tuesday to hear more information about the upcoming Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead. And while a good slice of decent footage is still somewhere on the horizon, we now know that the newest cast member ready to face the impending zombie apocalypse is former House of Cards star Sandrine Holt, who has some experience with the undead after starring on A&E’s The Returned.


To be expected, not a ton is known about who Holt will be playing in her recurring role. But according to Deadline, she will portray Bethany Exner, a “confident and skilled doctor.” Does that mean we’ll see part of this early-days story take place inside of a hospital, where people slowly start to grasp that this outbreak can’t be stopped by mere medicine? Or will we get into her story after the hospitals have been completely overrun by walkers/biters/nasties/whatever they call them on this show?

I’m definitely interested in the medical side of the aftermath, even though many other horrors and dramas of this ilk have presented that angle before. Still, knowing that the central plot is about two members of a high school faculty doesn’t rule out other characters from different backgrounds getting part of the focus. Considering the show is taking place in L.A., Dr. Exner might also be a medical consultant on a TV show.

Fear the Walking Dead will center on Kim Dickens’ guidance counselor Madison and her boyfriend Travis, a divorced teacher played by Cliff Curtis. They’re moving in together as the shit hits the fan, which will have ramifications on their respective children. Frank Dillane plays Madison’s drug-addled son Nick, Alycia Debnam-Carey plays Madison’s spirited daughter Alicia, and Lorenzo James Henrie is Travis’ anger-fueled son Chris. Other cast members include Elizabeth Rodriguez as Travis’ ex-wife Liza, Mercedes Mason as Ofelia and Rubén Blades as Ofelia’s father, Daniel.

The London-born Sandrine Holt is a familiar face on both the big and small screen. Her film career has taken her to genre territories for films like Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Starship Troopers 2 and Underworld: Awakening. Beyond her recent work on the first two seasons of House of Cards and The Returned, Holt also had roles in Hostages, 24 and The L Word. You’ll soon be able to see her in theaters for Terminator Genisys and Air, the latter of which stars The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.

Robert Kirkman also recently announced that audiences can expect to find Fear the Walking Dead hitting AMC in August, although a specific date has yet to be revealed.

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