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If you’re an avid TV watcher you’ll notice one thing: zombies are where it’s at. AMC  seemed to have truly capitalized on this trend with it’s megahit The Walking Dead, which has just wrapped its sixth season and remains to be the most popular show on cable television. In order to expand the universe and further cash in on the zombie craze, a spinoff/prequel show was created called Fear the Walking Dead. This past Sunday saw the premiere of Fear’s second season, and it now appears that AMC has no sign of slowing down.

AMC has just announced that Fear the Walking Dead has already been renewed for Season 3, after just one episode of the second season airing. The network has also maintains that Fear the Walking Dead is now the second most popular show on cable television, after Season 2’s premiere episode garnered a whopping 8.8 million viewers. Additionally, the aftershow Talking Dead: Fear, hosted by comedian Chris Hardwick has also been renewed to accompany Fear the Walking Dead’s upcoming third season.

Fear the Walking Dead serves as both a spinoff and prequel to The Walking Dead. While set in the same zombie apocalypse, the group of survivors are based out of Los Angeles, rather than Atlanta. Fear serves to fill in some of the blanks that the original series left, specifically regarding the very start of the apocalypse. The Walking Dead began a few weeks after the end of the world happened, as Rick Grimes wakes up in from a coma within an Atlanta hospital. Because of this writing choice, the audience never got to see just how quickly society fell. Fear illuminates that part of the timeline, while also introducing new, inexperienced characters.

Just beginning its second season, Fear the Walking Dead has been criticized by Walking Dead fans for its pacing. TWD is essentially non-stop action at this point, with a cast of characters who are all extremely deadly. Fear is a stark juxtaposition, as there is much more set up needing to be done before pure chaos erupts. The Walking Dead behaved quite similarly, with the first two seasons having a much more relaxed tone and slower build to madness. 

In some ways, Fear the Walking Dead is moving much quicker than its predecessor did. The majority of the main cast has already proven themselves in battle, as seen by Season 1’s finale. This season’s premiere episode has begun setting up the ideas of morality in a world without morals. Madison and the group left a group of people to die in the ocean, while also seeing the destruction from a nefarious group of seabound survivors. The themes of morality and the danger of other people weren’t introduced until much later in the first series, so it may be that naysayers are just having a hard time adjusting to a new story. 

Regardless, Fear the Walking Dead is clearly doing something right since they’ve been renewed so early into Season 2.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.