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Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Teaser Shows A Bigger World

While fans of The Walking Dead have been eagerly waiting the midseason premiere on February 14th, there is yet another reason to wait in excitement for zombie action. Fear The Walking Dead will be premiering its second season on April 10th, so there’s even more action, guts, and blood to be had after the original show’s finale airs. Luckily for us, Fear The Walking Dead has just released the first teaser for Season 2. Check it out below:

Though this teaser doesn’t exactly show us a ton of new information, it definitely gets you excited for the full Season 2 which will be hitting the small screen starting in April.

This quick trailer first shows us a bunch of footage from the first season. We see shots from all of the main characters that we were introduced to through the six episode story. Of course, there are a few characters noticeably missing.

These two characters missing are obviously the ones that died during the finale: Liza and Griselda. While Griselda seemed doomed from the moment she injured her leg, Liza was the big surprise death from the Season 1 finale. After the group successfully made it to Strand’s beach house, Liza revealed that she was bit during their struggle with the zombies, and asked Madison to kill her. As a big fan of Orange Is The New Black, I was thrilled to see actress Elizabeth Rodriguez join the cast of Fear. Through the first season, Liza picked up medical training that would have positioned her to be a valuable part of the group. These skills are as good as gold in the zombie apocalypse, so I was surprised and disappointed when Liza became the big fatality of Season 1.

The teaser for Fear The Walking Dead had its most exciting moment when it panned over the ocean, and we saw the shadow of plane above the water. This could be telling of a few things. For one, it was highly suggested that the group would be traveling in Strand’s luxury yacht this season. This promise is an entirely new concept for The Walking Dead franchise. The original series circled around Atlanta for the first five seasons, and only recently ventured outward. Fear The Walking Dead feels like a much larger world, partly because of Strand’s apparent resources.

Furthermore, the plane’s shadow is super exciting. We’ve never seen how things like air travel crumbled during the apocalypse. So the idea that some people might be in the air when everything hit the fan is a new concept. Furthermore, this may be promising that the shorts we’ve been seeing during the commercial breaks might interact with the main story. During the airing of Season 1, we were shown quick clips entitled “Flight 462”, where the zombie outbreak is happening during a commercial air flight. It feels like too coincidental that a plane is flying above our heroes if it isn’t the characters we were shown in “Flight 462”.

All will be revealed when Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC on April 10th. And in the meantime, The Walking Dead will be back on February 14th.

Corey Chichizola

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