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Over the course of Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead, audiences got to meet and start to understand characters like Travis, Madison and Daniel, along with their respective family members, as everyone came to grips with the world turning to shit all around them. Given the low episode count, we understandably never really got a look at what these characters were like at any point prior to the zombie apocalypse. But that might all be changing, according to showrunner Dave Erickson.
Let me put it this way: We have a number of characters who have incredibly rich and layered backstories, so the ability to get a window into that would not be a bad thing. It can be used as a really good narrative tool to bounce off the current thing rather than doing a huge exposition download. So there’s a possibility, yeah.

Well, that’s about as non-confirming an answer as one can get while plainly stating a confirmation. Sometimes I think that the creative teams behind AMC’s zombie dramas are now incapable of saying anything directly, considering how careful they have to be with every single show-centric question.

In any case, flashbacks aren’t exactly the most novel of narrative devices in a modern TV era where shows like Arrow, Quantico, Lost and more made them integral to nearly every episode. And we don’t really know these characters in the present well enough, but perhaps a dip back into Daniel Salazar’s past could offer up some insight on how he got to be so rugged around the edges. His confession about his violent history to his daughter last season was one of the best moments in the show so far, and I’d like a look at a younger Daniel in live-action.

Of course, a flashback could do a world of good as far as developing the character of Victor Strand, whose recognizable characteristics thus far have been “wealthy” and “wise.” (He seems to be healthy, too, so he must follow that whole “early to bed and early to rise” thing.) He’s probably the most interesting character on the show, possibly because of this lack of information, so I’d love to see how he styled and profiled back when the dead stayed dead. Perhaps we’ll get a peek of that when he’s back on his yacht, maybe inspired by a picture or decoration.

Although Erickson didn’t get into the possibility of bringing dead characters back to the show with EW, there’s always the chance that we could see Elizabeth Rodriguez’s Liza return in some form after her downturn in the season finale. Perhaps viewers could get a look at what the Manawa family was like when Travis, Liza and Chris were a stable family unit.

The Walking Dead changed things up in the first chunk of Season 6 by spending almost an entire episode on a Morgan flashback to show what he’d been up to in the time when the character wasn’t seen on the show. There aren’t any situations quite so similar on Fear the Walking Dead, but I’m sure Erickson and co-creator Robert Kirkman have a couple of good ideas for how to take the story back in time. What do you guys want to see?

The first leg of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 will premiere on Sunday, April 10.

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