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Now that The Walking Dead has returned to our television every Sunday night, we have a new series to look forward to. Fear The Walking Dead will be returning shortly after the original series has the Season 6 finale, and fans are chomping at the bit more than Walkers chomping at Jessie’s family. Too soon?

A new teaser for the sophomoric season of Fear The Walking Dead has just hit the internet, and it looks like we’re going to get an action-packed second go at the spin-off. Check it out.

Awesome, right? While the first season of Fear The Walking Dead had the task of setting up a world that the fans already knew about, it appears that Season 2 will throw the characters into the new world at full force. Let’s break down what exactly we saw in that quick teaser.

First off: it looks like the ocean isn’t the safe haven that Strand and the Clark/Manawa family were hoping for. The very first shots we’re shown are walkers emerging from the water. Of course it’s not clear when this moment will happen in the second season. Will this revelation come before the group attempts to head out to sea? Or are the walkers a result of whatever aquatic misadventures the survivors are apart of?

The action picks up when Chris is shown taking a bat to the face of a fenced in walker. This seems particularly exciting. Chris and Alicia were absent from the group’s climactic battle inside the military hospital, so they’re still pretty useless as far as combat goes. Hopefully things are changing due to the constant threat of the undead, and the teenagers will soon be taking up weapons and stabbing some zombie brains.

There is also a ton of action happening on a beach. I’m to assume that Strand’s luxurious mansion is somehow destroyed in Season 2, as the group appears to be fleeing with whatever supplies they can gather. Additionally, it does seem like there are flames in the background of a few shots, which would attract nearby walkers to their location.

Things continue to get crazier as the group apparently enters Strand’s yacht. There’s a shot of Chris seemingly running for his life in the halls, and the final shot of the trailer features a stand off between Daniel Salazar and an unknown man with a rifle. That last shot is perhaps the most promising for Fear’s second season. Fans of The Walking Dead know all too well that walkers aren’t the most terrifying threat to survival, people are. It looks like our group will learn that lesson in Season 2. Luckily for them, Salazar knows this all too well and will be a huge asset to their survival against human threats.

Fear The Walking Dead will return to AMC April 10th.