The second season of Fox’s cooking competition series Masterchef is set to debut early next month. We have a First Look video for the new season, which features chef Gordon Ramsay and some of the contestants as they attempt to impress him with their culinary skills.

Masterchef is a competition series that features amateur cooks who face off against one another to impress Chef Gordon Ramsay and his fellow judges, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot. Based on the first season, I think Masterchef lacks the intensity and competitive spirit of Hell’s Kitchen, which features professional cooks from all different culinary backgrounds competeing against each other in teams. Perhaps Season 2 of Masterchef will improve on the previous season. The video below certainly gives off the impression that things are going to be pretty intense this season.

Masterchef Season 2 premieres Monday, June 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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