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This fall Steven Spielberg will be bringing aliens to your television once again with Falling Skies, a drama about a college professor (Noah Wylie) fighting Earth's colonization by extraterrestrial overlords. The show will be represented significantly at Comic Con later this month, of course, and to ramp things up TNT has provided 23 stills from the show to ion, some of which you can view below.

There's no alien action in any of these stills, since presumably they'll be saving that big reveal for a more climactic moment. But revel for now in Wylie in full-on scruff mode, a far cry from the babyfaced ER doctor role he's still best known for. With V foundering on network and The 4400 a distant memory, is it time for a good alien show to hit TV again? If it's going to happen, Spielberg is probably going to be the guy to do it.

Click on any of the four stills below to be taken to io9's full gallery.

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