Remember in Terminator when the terminator showed up from the future and started killing lots of Sarah Connors? Well, it looks like Joe Carroll is pulling a similar stunt in next Monday's episode of The Following, except for him, it's less about eliminating anyone who might someday give birth to mankind's savior and more about sending a message to the FBI. All Claires beware! Joe Carroll wants his wife back, and based on the promo, it looks like he's willing to kill (or have his followers kill) a lot of Claires if it means getting that message through to the FBI.

Also addressed in the above trailer is M.I.A. Jacob. Is it bad that I had already started to forget about him and Paul? The last we saw of them, Paul was in pretty bad shape and the two were leaving the farm house. Based on the above promo, it looks like one of them (presumably Jacob) is trying to get in touch with Emma. Little do they know, she's already moved on. Considering her attraction to Jacob seemed to come largely from Joe's influence, I can't say that I'm surprised that she was all over Joe the moment he got out of prison, nor would I be especially surprised if it turns out, she has zero interest in either Jacob or Paul now that she has Joe's full attention. What I am curious about is Joe's motive when it comes to Emma. Is he really attracted to her? Or did he only respond to her advances as part of some other plan? With Joe Carroll, it seems like there's always a plan. Stringing Emma along may be part of it.

Speaking of plans, am I alone in being more convinced than ever that Mike is a super-secret Follower of Joe Carroll? He seems like an ideal candidate, which makes him almost too obvious. Last night's episode ("Welcome Home"), which saw Mike get stabbed by a bunch of Joe's followers might be intended to serve as "proof" that he's not a follower, especially as Ryan showed up just in time to save the day and Mike's stab wound turned out not to be fatal. Either I'm over-thinking this or Mike's injury is supposed to throw Ryan (and us) off from suspecting him as part of some later play for Joe Carroll. Is that too much of a stretch, considering he almost died? Or will we see Mike with a gun to Ryan's head at some point down the line?

The Following airs Monday at 9/8c on Fox.

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