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A show called Last Man on Earth doesn’t seem like the kind of series that will have very many casting announcements, and yet lead actor Will Forte now has a handful of new co-stars to deal with on his odd and presumably lonely journey. The midseason comedy has added Kristen Schaal (Bob’s Burgers) and January Jones (Mad Men) to the desolate madness, which means Forte’s Phil Miller might not be so alone after all.

As you can imagine, Fox is being coy about going into details about the characters Schaal and Jones will be playing, although EW states their names are Carol Pilbasian and Melissa, respectively. Now, it’s obvious that the title Last Man on Earth can be taken to mean that Phil is only the last man on the planet, while there are still a shitload of women just running amok. (That was how Y: The Last Man worked, although I’m not sure this series will be on quite the same scale.) But the previously released images show a pretty empty world that Phil is wandering. The show could have easily been called Last Person on Earth if they wanted to really keep the solitude on point.

The obvious way to mentally accept these new characters, assuming that Phil is all that’s left, is thinking Carol and Melissa will just appear in flashbacks, as those are apparently on the table. And thankfully so, as the lack of back-and-forth dialogue could grate on my nerves in less than an episode. Now how about some more fresh faces?


That’s right, there are actually two more characters joining the fray here. Getting On’s Mel Rodriguez is set to take on the role of Todd, described as a “very optimistic John Candy-type,” which just sounds strange. Also starring is Step Up: Revolution’s Cleopatra Coleman, who will play a first year med student named Erica. The “first year med student” description sounds slightly pointless, given this series’ subject matter, but maybe it’ll all make sense.

Last Man on Earth, created by Will Forte, will follow average schmo Phil Miller as he finds himself as humanity’s last hope. He misses his family but definitely not his bank job, and he’s probably going to get a hankering for femininity, so here’s hoping one of the previously mentioned ladies comes his way and doesn’t think he’s a total tool.

The two-episode premiere of Last Man on Earth will air on Fox on Sunday, March 1, as part of the Sunday Funday line-up. The first episode is particularly notable for being directed by The Lego Movie’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Where do you guys think these new characters will fit in?

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