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While fans of Futurama were surely excited when they learned that Comedy Central would be reviving the cancelled animated comedy series but today bad news hit the internet when it was learned that some of the core voices from the original series would not be returning to their roles. posted the update, stating that according to cast members John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr and Maurice LaMarche’s Facebook updates, a casting notice went out to replace actors DiMaggio, LaMarche, Billy West and Katey Sagal. Forces of Geek speculated that it was probably a money issue that caused this. While the series is set to air on Comedy Central, 20th Century Fox is producing it.

Entertainment Weekly posted a statement issued by Fox, which confirms that it was in fact, a money thing that prevented them from bringing back Billy West, Katey Segal, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche and Tress MacNeil:

"We love the Futurama voice performers and absolutely wanted to use them, but unfortunately, we could not meet their salary demands. While replacing these talented actors will be difficult, the show must go on. We are confident that we will find terrific new performers to give voice to Matt and David's brilliantly subversive characters."

I think it’ll be interesting to see whether the revival of the series does as well as it might have if they’d gotten all of the original voices on board.

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