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Normally, we like to go on more than just a one sentence Tweet when we put stories together here at the Blend, but sometimes the Tweet in question is just a little too exciting to pass up. Judd Apatow, current A-list raunch director and one-time creator of brilliant but prematurely canceled television shows, has revealed a live Freaks And Geeks reunion is coming together for the 2011 William S. Paley Television Festival. Last year, the star-studded event touched on everything from Dexter to Breaking Bad, but now and again, it takes time out to remember a show gone before its time. Freaks And Geeks is example 1 A of underappreciated brilliance.

It's at this point in the story where I would have linked you to the Tweet in question, but since the time I started writing that first paragraph and now, it has disappeared. Thankfully, Zap2It saved it in time. It says simply "In march a live reunion during paley tv festival is coming together. Ten years." Or at least that's what it did say before it mysteriously vanished.

Did Apatow jump the gun? Was this supposed to be a surprise? Was it a joke idiots like me took out of context? For now, I think it's just best to stay excited. There's only 18 episodes of Freaks And Geeks, the possibility of one more is worth hoping for.

For those of you too young for Freaks And Geeks, let me sum up. The psychologist from Bones played a little kid dealing with the struggles of high school along with his two buddies, one of which was the beard guy in Knocked Up. Meanwhile, the little kid's older sister, the hot chick from Grandma's Boy, was dealing with her own high school problems, forging nervous friendships with James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jason Segal and one of the chicks from Cougar Town. Biff from Back To The Future was also involved as the gym teacher. It was great and should be purchased on DVD immediately.

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