The final season of Fringe. which just started production, has had to come to a halt. Only four days into filming, the show has shut down for two weeks so that one of the stars can seek medical treatment. It doesn’t sound like anything life-threatening; John Noble will be treated for a sleep disorder and plans to be back on the set soon enough.

It seems Noble has been suffering with the condition for some time, but there’s no word on exactly what that condition might be, according to Deadline. Noble hadn’t been feeling well and that was cited as the reason he didn’t show up for the Fringe TCA panel earlier this week. Turns out it was related to the sleep disorder, and he was unable to continue with filming. Producers tried to go ahead and film without him, but today made the decision to halt production until he is back on his feet. It seems his recent travel schedule, to Australia and back and then directly to the set of Fringe for Season 5 has made the chronic condition worse.

There’s no need to worry about the season premiering on time; as it stands Fox still intends to have the last season air on schedule. They’re scheduled to get back to production as of August 7th, when Noble’s treatment is completed. So it’s a few weeks of extra summer vacation for the rest of the cast and hopefully some good rest for Noble, so that he can recuperate. Here’s hoping be feels better quickly.

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