"Do you realize that you're from Buffalo?"

Conan O'Brien does not tolerate elitism at his talk show. There's a controversy brewing over at Team Coco headquarters. Or an espresso-versy. It came to the attention of the late night TBS talk show host that one of the people on his staff was lording over a very pricy espresso machine in his tucked-away office, and O'Brien apparently decided to make an example out of the man through a segment on his show. The segment comes complete with character witness interviews and a clever animated floor plan to demonstrate just how hard the man's office is to get to.

I don't know how much - if any - of the above video was staged, but Jordan Schlanksy is either really good at playing up his coffee snobbery, Italian enthusiasm, discomfort at being on camera and his ability to not crack in the presence of O'Brien's humor, or this is the real deal. Either way, it's funny and a great bit of behind-the-scenes drama for the late night talk show. I'm hopeful for - to the point of expecting - a follow-up on this in a future episode of Conan, wherein we see the state of this associate producer after he has ingested a week's worth of drip coffee, courtesy of that stylish Windmere coffeemaker. Maybe it'll go down easier with a piece of biscotti biscotto.

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