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Later this month, The Futurama Holiday Spectacular will make its world debut on Comedy Central. Read on for details and a clip from the special.

Comedy Central announced the premiere date today, stating that The Futurama Holiday Spectacular will debut on Sunday, November 21st at 10:00 p.m.. The three-part episode will feature Futurama’s Fry, Leela and Bender as they attempt to preserve the spirit of Xmas, Robanukah and Kwanzaa. This includes encounters with a murderous Kringlebot, Al Gore’s Head-In-A-Jar, mutated pine trees, droidls, fembot wrestling, albino humping worms, Kwanzaabot and giant space bees. Al Gore is set to guest-voice on the special (presumably voicing his head in a jar), as is Coolio.

Below is a clip from the special:

Preview - Santa's Coming
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