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As the greatest Star Trek movie that has ever existed that isn’t actually a Star Trek movie, the 1999 sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest has built up a huge cult following over the years that has often been rabid about seeing more. And by Grabthar’s hammer, we might actually be getting a proper follow-up that’s more than we could have hoped, as it is being developed as a TV series for Amazon, a streaming service already known for championing quality projects.

It was announced some months back that Paramount Television was interested in spinning Galaxy Quest as a small screen project, and we were definitely hoping that it would get snatched up by a more prestigious network/company that would give it the budget and creative embrace that such a high-concept series needs. At this point, Amazon’s main stake is only in the development stage, and lots of negotiations and decisions will have to be made before they choose whether to move forward with it or not, but we never surrender hope.

Since its still so early in the life of this potential Galaxy Quest series, there is no telling just how the story will be told, and it’s unclear if it will just expand the film’s central concept in new directions, or if the creative team will actually try to rope in some of the original cast for a story that continues the story that audiences have already seen (and quoted endlessly). It was a huge, star-studded cast, and getting everyone back would take a Herculean effort. Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell, and Alan Rickman seem like the toughest calls, and Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing is still going strong, so he might not be able to devote the time. We know that Justin Long is all about it though.

Luckily, the creative team will be almost exactly the same. According to EW, Dean Parisot will take on directing and executive producing the potential pilot, alongside Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein. Writing the script is Robert Gordon, who co-wrote the original, and he’ll be executive producing as well.

Should Amazon move forward with Galaxy Quest, it would be the second major sci-fi project for the streaming service, with the Philip K. Dick adaptation The Man in the High Castle coming later this year. (Amazon initially ordered to series X-Files creator Chris Carter’s alien thriller After, but that deal fell through.) Riding on the success of the acclaim magnet Transparent and the expertly crafted detective drama Bosch, Amazon will have its strongest year yet, with Ron Perlman’s Hand of God premiering this week, and the 1980s coming-of-age comedy Red Oaks and the black comedy thriller Mad Dogs also coming before too long.

Let us know what you guys think about a potential Galaxy Quest series.

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