Game Of Thrones Gets Ripped Apart In Hilarious Honest Trailer

You know you’re doing something right, or possibly very wrong, if you become the subject of not just one Honest Trailers video, but two of them. HBO’s ratings monster Game of Thrones is just such a piece of entertainment, and now it’s Season 4 and Season 5 that are under the microscope of the hilarious team that puts these things together. So take a seat, put your feet up on a dragon’s back, take them off while apologizing profusely, and check out the video below.

Right there in the opening, the guys at Screen Junkies hit a particular truth that I always think about: how good the song is. Even if you’re a non-fan who genuinely likes to rip on the drama for many of the reasons seen here and more, it’s hard to find anything legitimately wrong or unappealing about the theme and the credits sequence. Not even a clip created directly to sarcastically poke holes in the show can say otherwise.

Speaking of music, it makes quite a bit of sense how Game of Thrones’ visual elements are likened to heavy metal album covers, considering how many metal versions of the theme can be found on the Internet, as well as guitar-shredding songs that are inspired by the show. There are also two hip-hop mixtapes out there, featuring heavier groups like Mastadon and Anthrax as well as hip-hop mainstays like Snoop Dogg and Wale.

Anyway, back to the other points in the video! Namely massive amounts of both female and male nudity, plus deaths and more deaths. Now that we’re in the sixth season of the fantasy epic, making jokes about all the skin shown is treading on hack stand-up territory, but considering this series has a measurable effect on porn viewing, I guess it will remain topical for as dong long as the show is on the air.

Lots of other arguably good points are made in the Honest Trailer, including the abundance of not-so-interesting things happening on Dorne and the abundance of secondary characters that are either so likeable that they’re killed or so nonessential that their names seem to be actively campaigning to be forgotten. We also get some great montages of people getting slapped, as well as people nodding. I could watch that for hours. The animal cruelty stuff, not as much. Why couldn’t all of those animals been replaced by the show’s smirking little shits Joffrey and Ramsey?

So keep your Lannister-sized beer mug nearby, because Game of Thrones will continue delivering bewbs and eye-rolls and dead people and more to HBO on Sunday nights. And you’ll probably see some of it again when Volume 3 of this Honest Trailer comes out.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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