Disney is showing no signs of slowing its roll with its Boy Meets World spinoff, Girl Meets World. Interest in the spinoff of the successful nineties sitcom has grown over the last several days, and while there’s no word on whether Ben Savage or Danielle Fishel are officially signed on to the series, Cory and Topanga will very much be a part of the endeavor, and now we know a little more about the couple’s kids.

There are two of them, for starters. According to a casting breakdown obtained by Entertainment Weekly, the couple have messed with the math a bit (Boy Meets World ended in the year 2000) and have had two children, Eric and Riley Matthews, who are 14 and 13 years old, respectively. Riley Matthews, the lead in Girl Meets World, will be an average, optimistic seventh grade student.

Luckily, that’s not all the casting order breaks down. It also notes that Cory Matthews will be Riley’s father and history teacher. Finally, Riley Matthews will have a gal pal, who seems like she will have a similar relationship to that of Shawn and Cory in their youth. Riley’s friend, Maya, is described as a less optimistic young woman whose father is out of her life and who looks to Cory Matthews as a father figure.

Other than the initial news and the initial casting, the project is being kept pretty well under wraps, but these tidbits are enough to get me intrigued about Girl Meets World, as well as make me feel a little nostalgic for its nineties counterpart.

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