While I do spend more time on A&E watching Dave and Darryl fight on Storage Wars, that gives me a lot of access to The Glades commercials. I don’t know how the commercial creators do it, but they always manage to ooze corruption of the ideal lifestyle, murder and sometimes humor into one sleek package. The show’s very first commercial with the dead body hanging out near the pool while Sam Cooke plays in the backdrop was riveting. The advertising seems to be working for A&E’s flagship original program, because the show is bringing in some pretty high numbers for cable.

Season 2 of The Glades averaged 3.9 million viewers an episode. That’s spectacular for A&E whose other big drama, Breakout Kings, only enticed around 2 million viewers to watch. 3.9 million viewers should certainly be enough to give a series a third season; but A&E was more than happy to let fans sweat out the possibility for a month after Season 2 ended.

Today, A&E officially announced the network will be giving star Matt Passmore and co. a third season. According to Deadline, with the renewal A&E will have three original scripted series in the lineup for next year. After The Glades there will also be the aforementioned Breakout Kings, which features the always affecting Jimmi Simpson. The western Longmire will also be added to the lineup in 2012. Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff will be taking the reins along with Robert Taylor in the sheriff drama.

If the mention of BSG just gave you some excited jitters, you should check out what Jamie Bamber is getting into, next.

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