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Glee Brings Back A Dalton Warbler When Season 4 Resumes Next Month

In case you've been wondering where Glee has been or if your DVR has suddenly developed a bias against Fox's musical dramedy, rest assured, the show has been on a temporary hiatus for the last few weeks, and won't be back with new episodes until November is well underway. Given how packed Thursday nights are, I can't really complain about Glee's absence, though I will be happy to see the show return, and I doubt I'm alone. On that subject, when the show does come back, we should expect an eventual appearance by Grant Gustin's character Sebastian.

Gustin's Sebastian was introduced to us last season. The Dalton Warbler was openly gay and openly interested in Blaine. Can we blame him? Of course, Blaine was spoken for at the time, but that may not be the case now. So does that mean Sebastian has a shot now? We'll see. According to TVLine, Grant Gustin will be back on Glee for a multi-episode arc beginning next month at some point. As the site notes, this news comes not long after learning that Canadian actor-singer Nolan Gerard Funk would be joining the show to play Hunter, the new frontman for the Warblers. Apparently, Hunter's going to try to get Blaine back with the Dalton singing group.

Could a return to the Warblers bring Blaine and Sebastian together? That's a possibility, assuming Sebastian's still interested and assuming Blaine and Kurt are officially over. But here's another question - Do we know who Blaine cheated on Kurt with? Because, if that question hasn't been answered (it's been a few weeks, but I don't remember Blaine mentioning anyone by name when he confessed to Kurt that he cheated), is it possible that Blaine and Sebastian already had a little fling? Given what we've seen of Sebastian already, I hope not, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Something tells me Kurt would be especially devastated if he knew Blaine went for Sebastian.

Glee will resume its fourth season on Thursday, November 8.

Kelly West
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