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Attention Glee fans! The good news is, Glee's next episode will be celebrating songs from the movies and its 500th musical performance. The not-so-good news is that the episode won't air for another three weeks. So you'll have plenty of time to anticipate the series' return and its big milestone, which will have certain characters shouting as much as they are singing, if you catch my drift.

Earlier this week, we shared the news that Glee's 500th musical performance would be "Shout," a classic song featured in a classic comedy, Animal House. We get a glimpse of that song in the promo for "Girls (and Boys) on Film," along with some of the other movie-inspired performances set to be featured in the episode.

Looks like Footloose, Risky Business and maybe Top Gun will also be included in the movie appreciation episode, in addition to Animal House. We also got a glimpse of Rachel's drama and Mr. Schu in the aftermath of his non-wedding. Glee returns for its next new episode on Thursday, March 7 at a special time (9:30 p.m.), following a super-sized results episode of American Idol.

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