This week Fox announced that they had picked up Glee for a full season run. This is huge news in Fox’s commitment to a show that has gotten progressively better each week. Tonight’s episode “Preggers” was not only Glee’s best (by far) but a testament that a show can mix music, humor, drama, high school, and real world issues into a perfect mix of television.

Quinn drops a bombshell on Finn this week. She is pregnant and he’s the dad. See they've never had sex but she explains that hot tubs are the perfect sperm incubators and actually allow the little ones to travel through a guy’s swimsuit and in to... well you get the point. She plans on keeping the baby and wants Finn to believe he is the father when the actual baby daddy is Finn's best friend Mohawk guy. Seems Mohawk Guy got her drunk in a moment of high school girl self-loathing and took advantage of the situation. Quinn lies about the father believing Finn is far superior in Daddy Department. This news came out of nowhere especially considering Quinn is the president of the Celibacy Club.

Meanwhile, Will’s wife is still living the pregnant lie doing her best to play up the idea she is expecting (which she is most definitely not). Last episode, I thought we saw Terri turning a corner as she seemed to genuinely love Will. With her pregnant deception though we see she is just a woman with an agenda. That agenda is keeping power over Will. When Terri learns that Quinn is pregnant she (Terri) quickly jumps at the chance to take advantage of the situation. She plans on solving everyone’s problem. Quinn won’t have to care for the baby and Terri will have a real baby to keep the farce going.

Sue Sylvester has new spot giving her advice and opinion on the local news. First on deck is that “Caning works.” Jane Lynch continues to steal every scene she appears in. Obviously her character is over the top (in a show teeming with over-the-top characters) and I sincerely hope the writers don’t go off the rails with her influence on Glee. Right now we get the perfect dose of Sue Sylvester. She comes into scenes with a ridiculous fury and exits stage left just as quick. Tonight she continued her quest to disband Will’s club. As she sees her power waning she steals Rachel Berry away from show choir in order to cripple the Glee Club.

Kurt is living in the closet with a dad who most obviously wants a rough and tough son. In a show of clichés his dad is another obvious one: a father who can’t see past his own assholeness to see his son for who he really is. This fatherly idiocy forces Kurt to try out for football team kicker leading to the team adopting his choreographed moves in order to loosen them up. Kurt’s influence helps the football win its first game and brings out the theme for tonight’s show and Glee in general. It is okay to live outside the box, to be different, or to do something fun even if it makes you look ridiculous. The lessons here are good ones.

For all its glitz, glamour and sometime cheap laughs, Glee is not above true emotional moments. Whether it’s Finn crying on Will’s shoulder over an unplanned pregnancy, a girl trying to overcome her stuttering through singing, Quinn having made one big mistake that may ruin her life, a kid coming out of the closet to his unbelievably understanding father or a football player realizing he is on the fast track to nowhere. Glee just gets it right and has set themselves up for a season where we actually care about the characters and their ludicrous flaws. Now cue up “All the Single Ladies” and thank the good people at Fox for making the right decision to keep this show around.

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