In last night's season finale, Ryder's Catfisher was finally revealed, Will and Emma got married and New Directions won Regionals. Let's recap, shall we?

Brittany Got An Early Acceptance

Brittany's Einstein like journey to college takes another bizarre twist when she reveals she's taking an early admittance to college thanks to "The Brittany Code." (Are they sure she wasn't creating a color by number doodle?) Although nothing with Brittany ever makes sense, I figure the early college rush is because the actress portraying Brit is pregnant in real-life. And since Season 5 will pick-up where Season 4 left-off, I guess it would be hard to hide a pregnant tummy under a Cheerios uniform.

And the Catfisher Is...

Ryder put his foot down and said he couldn't do Regionals unless the Catfish/Katie revealed him/herself. Marley took one for the team and confessed even though she didn't do it. Okay Marley, we get you feel guilty for passing out during Nationals and don't want to jeopardize Regionals but covering for Unique isn't helping. Fortunately Unique set things straight and admitted to Ryder it was her, and she never meant for it to get out of control. Naturally Ryder is shocked by the revelation and plans to quit Glee Club after Regionals. I hope he changes his mind. He's been a great addition to the show thus far.

Blaine Didn't Propose to Kurt Yet

After much anticipation, Blaine didn't propose to Kurt.... yet. And after Kurt reminded him that they aren't dating, maybe that's a good thing. The timing isn't quite right for a proposal.

On the bright side, we got not one but two special guest appearances out of this storyline: Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter who portrayed a hip older lesbian couple! Also whenever I hear the name Meredith Baxter I always think of South Park's Chef's song about her.

Regionals/Will and Emma Finally Get Married

Regionals always brings out some creative group names and this year was no different. We had "The Rainbow Connection" and "The HoosierDaddies." When I first heard there was going to be a song called "All or Nothing" I thought New Directions was going to sing O-Town's "All or Nothing." (Ah, early 2000s pop reality boy bands.)

Turns out, Glee's "All or Nothing" is an original song by Marley. For the most part I thought New Directions gave a solid line-up of songs for Regionals, but to me it just kind of felt like the win was handed to them.

Last week I had doubts about Will and Emma getting married, but I was wrong. Taking advantage of the moment, Emma announces they're marrying during Regionals!

Cliff Hangers

Gleeks, several storylines were left hanging including Blurt's proposal and whether Rachel got the "Funny Girl" part. Rachel's "To Love You More" audition was amazing and I would be surprised if she didn't get the part. Meanwhile, Blaine was holding the ring box at the end, so I assume we may finally have that proposal at the start of Season 5.

LOL Moments

Brittany deducing that Sue's baby's father is actually singer Michael Bolton.

Memorable Quotes

Brittany: "Let me break it down. No one in this musty choir room compares to my megawatt star power. Blaine, you're shorter than a lawn gnome. Joe, you look like a Yucatan spider monkey. Tina're just Tina."

Jeweler: "Is this him?" Sam: "No, oh no. I mean, he wants to do me, but we're just friends."

Brittany: "My entire life, people have always told me that I was stupid. And after a while I started to believe it. And it wasn't until I walked in this room and I joined this club, that I really started believing in myself. And as soon as I did that, as soon as I started believing that maybe I was smart after all, the whole world did too. And I'm really gonna miss you guys. Cause you guys are like my family."

Music featured

"Hall of Fame"

"I Love It"



"To Love You More"

"All or Nothing"

Gleeks, Season 4 has come to an end without a graduation, and Season 5 will pick up where four left off. Until then have a great summer!

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