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OMG Gleeks! Last night’s episode was a roller coaster of emotions. I held my breath each time. First for Karofsky, then during Regionals, again for Finchel and and especially for Quinn! Oh Ryan Murphy, you made it feel like we were having hormonal mood swings like Sue! Let’s recap shall we?


Last week’s episode had me worried for Karofsky’s mental state of mind after he was rejected by Kurt and that football player realized Karofsky is gay. In a karmic twist, last night Karofsky experienced the same kind of hate and shame that he had showered via slushies and bullying on Kurt. Sadly, Karofsky wasn’t strong enough to withstand the taunting and hate (both cyber and in person), and attempted to take his own life during a chilling montage while Blaine sang “Cough Syrup.” Karofsky’s father managed to save his son and everyone vowed to support Karofsky during this difficult time. Later in a touching scene that even had me, a cynic, tearing up, Kurt urged Karofsky to image a brighter future to which Karofsky exclaimed, “I’m happy.” Aw.

Peanut Butter and Suicide
Using Rory’s never had peanut butter as an awkward segue, Mr. Schue revealed to his students that he too, once almost committed suicide. Schue was caught cheating on a math midterm, and felt he had no other recourse but to jump from the building. Although some balked, like Quinn, that they could never take their own life, Schue explained that everyone has their breaking point. So, true Mr. Schue. Which leads us to a great cameo by Daniel Radcliffe.

Daniel Radcliffe is Awesome
Glee took a moment to bring us a public service announcement featuring actor Daniel Radcliffe. The talented actor and vocal supporter of all things LGBT, Radcliffe urged others needing help to reach out to the Nice job, Daniel.

Sebastian, feeling guilty for his part in Karofsky’s unraveling (but I guess not for attempting to ruin Finn with nude pics), decided to call a truce with New Directions. Both the Warblers and New Directions would dedicate their Regionals songs to Karofsky. And with anthem songs like “Stronger” New Directions scored first place at Regionals! And immediately following Regionals was the wedding of Finchel. Hmm but there was just one problem. Where’s Quinn?

No, Not Quinn!
We’ve seen it many times. Redeem a character, make him or her happy (Accepted to Yale, back on the Cheerios), and then BAM! Kill the character off. As of this moment, we’re not sure if Quinn is dead, but since Karofsky lived, I’m thinking the likelihood of Quinn surviving her car accident is slim. And think of the ripple effect of Quinn’s death: Rachel’s guilt from texting Quinn will cause her to call off the wedding, Sue will name her baby after “Q,” and so on.

LOL Moments

Jeff Goldblum’s plan to stop the wedding and back-up plan to fake an epileptic seizure was priceless. I loved the line, “New plan - I'm going to fake an epileptic seizure." "You're not epileptic." "That's why I'm going to fake it." Haha. I really hope Goldblum becomes a permanent fixture on Glee.

Memorable quotes

Sugar: “There are 15 of us here and I'm only comfortable sharing a spoon with about half of you.”

Brittany: “I want Lord Tubbington to kick his ecstasy addiction.”

Mercedes: “I most look forward to meeting Rachel Berry's children.”

Rachel: “I want to get married now.” Finn: “I have gym.”

Sue: “In the last week, you either enjoyed a delicious curry or a hug from Principal Figgins.”

Music featured

“Cough Syrup”


“Here’s To Us"

“Fly/I Believe I Can Fly”

“Glad You Came”


Gleeks, we have to wait until April 10 for our next episode! Do you think Quinn survives? Will Finchel still get married? So many questions... See you in April!

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