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Gleeks, last night marked the end of another season for Glee. Rachel got some big news, Mercedes and Sam faced a crossroads in their relationship, and Kurt learned the truth about performing with June. Let's recap, shall we?

Mercedes and Sam

After Sam's steamy close call with his cougar photographer, he confessed to Mercedes. It prompted Mercedes to think seriously about the logistics of their relationship. Cougar aside, I really enjoyed Sam's version of "Girls on Film."

In an adult move, Mercedes tells Sam that they are better off parting ways now. When the timing is right they will find their way back together. Aw bummer.

Kurt and Blaine

Blaine does a beautiful rendition of "All of Me" then blurts out that June doesn't want Kurt in the show. Blaine admits he lied. Naturally Kurt doesn't take the news well. He chucks the lunch bag across the room. Ouch. I hope there wasn't soup in there. Talk about a mess. Anyway, Blaine's good intentions have once again backfired on him.

Later Kurt calms down and Blaine is able to make it up to Kurt by pulling him on stage during June's performance. Kurt's charisma and saucy dancing wins June over. No one can resist the Hummel charm.

Rachel Berry Project

Rachel meets her quirky pilot writer who has wild ideas for Rachel's show. I loved Kurt's Debbie Downer dinosaur. And the random hookup between Blaine and Brittany was outrageous. I have to admit when I first saw the previews with Blaine and Brittany in bed I was shocked. Thank goodness it just turned out to be a scene in Rachel's pilot script.

After a group read through, everyone agreed that the script was horrible. So Rachel got her writer to do a rewrite. And guess what? The execs loved the new script and Rachel is going to LA. Whoa!

Favorite Song

Kurt and Blaine's "American Boy" was my fav song of the night hands down.

LOL Moment

Kurt exclaiming "I need to break out in song."

Memorable Quotes

Kurt: "I'm Cert, like the breath mint."

Blaine: "I don't know if it's all the bird talk, but I'm getting a little turned on."

Brittany: "The armrests are the sweetest meat."

Sam: "If I was a soup I would probably be minestrone."

Featured Songs

"All of Me"

"Shakin' My Head"

"Glitter in the Air"

"American Boy"

"Girls on Film"

"No Time at All"


We'll Gleeks, that ends another season. See you when Season 6 debuts! Have a great summer!