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Glenn And Daryl Are In Danger While Rick Drops A Threat In The Latest Walking Dead Preview

"These people are my family. And if you hurt them in any way, I will kill you."

In other words, don't mess with Rick Grimes or his family. Some seriously tough, powerful and scary people have done just that and paid the price. By the smile on his face, it looks like Gareth's pretty amused with Rick's threat...

Garreth smile

In case your memory's rusty, Gareth is one of the not-so-friendly people at Terminus. There was a theory circulating that Bob, who's being held by Gareth in the scene glimpsed in the teaser above, might have just been killed in that scene, but by Rick's words, I'm thinking that's not the case. Otherwise, Rick's threat's coming in a bit late.

As for what else the teaser shows us, we have Rick being dragged inside while a few other people are face down on the ground...


And then there's Daryl and Glenn bound and gagged...

glenn and Daryl

I'm wondering if the creepy guy in the plastic apron and goggles is the same guy we're seeing from behind in the previously released teaser, who's standing hunched over a table where a body is laying. I suppose it doesn't matter. Bad guys are bad guys right now, and Daryl, Glenn, Rick and the rest of his people are on the wrong side of this power play. For now.

These recently released Walking Dead teasers seem to be mining from scenes glimpsed in the Season 5 trailer that debuted at Comic-Con last month. And with the October 12 premiere date still more than a month off, that's just fine. In the meantime, we know that the first six minutes of Season 5 will be brutal. And we should expect more violence, more moments from the comics, and walkers that are more decayed than ever!