Fans who have been waiting expectantly for the return of Kitchen Nightmares will have to hold their horses for what may end up being a whole lot longer. Fox has decided to push back Gordon Ramsay’s hit series, in an effort to promote The X Factor over the next three weeks. This means the Kitchen Nightmares premiere date will no longer fall on September 28, and will be rescheduled sometime later this season. In other words, Fox is being pretty vague.

Per Deadline, this is not the first time Fox has shuffled around one of Ramsay’s shows to make room for another series. Hotel Hell recently was moved to the summer so Fox could make room for the now-defunct The Finder. What’s odder about the Kitchen Nightmares shuffling is that Fox is making room in its schedule for The X Factor reruns, and not original programming.

The X Factor doesn’t do badly in the ratings. In fact, it does rather well. However, it did lose out to The Voice during it’s opening night, a fate I’m certain Fox executives and show producers were hoping to avoid when they hired on B. Spears and it-girl Demi Lovato. Simon Cowell famously stated before Season 1 that the singing competition would bring in 20 million viewers, a number the show has never seen or really even gotten close to, even by the start of Season 2. The X Factor wants more eyeballs, and Fox is willing to bump original programming in the hope the show will reach a bigger audience.

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